The Story

In the distant future, Earth a once veritable Garden of Eden has changed into a desolate shadow of its former beauty. Decades of war against Malovick the head of the Malovo Corporation which has conquered most of the nearby solar systems in search of great power has left the people with little hope.

The only thing that stands between Malovick and total galactic dominance is a group of individuals that have banded together from across the great divide through a shared dream compelling them to action in protecting the last unconquered planet in the Sol System, The Blue Earth.

The Characters

The Artist/Author

Photograph © 2019 of Steven Taveras

I’m a New York City artist and a Graphic Designer that’s now putting most of my energy into Front-End Development focusing on Game Design and App Development.

When I’m not coding I’m sometimes playing videogames, reading science fiction/fantasy novels, watching some good shows, or hanging out with friends and family.

To see more of my work visit www.steventaveras.com