So Happy To Report Back!

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Hello Everyone!,

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. I will always try and update this site as often as possible with new artwork and storylines.

Although I have finally added pages 8 and 9. I would like to say that this was not my first file. After losing versions of this through carelessness I managed to finally just push through the work and put it out there for continuities sake, not to mention personal deadlines. I will go back and improve upon these images and upload new images in time hopefully.

In the meantime, I am knee-deep in learning new Game Development. Utilizing Unity to create small games that I hope you can play sometime soon. I’ll post some of the updates for that as well soon.

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Until next time!


This is a hard time for many people. I have seen how many people I know are doing their best to practice social distancing. It all still feels almost, not enough anymore. As I sit and read through news article after news article, I begin to lose a bit of hope that people can escape this anymore than the Flu we have always known.

Peoples inability to stay indoors and just accept the status quo for a bit makes quarantine very difficult in this country. The simple fact that this social anxiety that people are experiencing comes from economic insecurity that have been systematically put in place by the very people they put in power , speaks volumes about the brainwashed masses of this country.

Yet me must still do what little we can to stop the spread of this still largely unknown virus. The only good thing that can be said of all of this is the temporary relief in emissions across the globe. Granting, in a sense a breath of fresh air to the world. Even if only for a moment.

The time I have been granted away from work has also sparked curiosity’s within me I have long forgotten or ignored. I am glad to have an opportunity to not use the excuse of time to actually get something accomplished. Trying to close chapters that were never meant to be finished. Till my next post. Stay safe.

-Steven T.